Dry Martini

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Gary disse...

This should join Charlies "Cocktails" and Kyle's "Caipirinha" on the pantry wall!

Ige D'Aquino disse...

What about me? D.Perignon?trufas and Sauternnes for the dessert( Russian Pankake).Thisd Guy Diego needs a "puxão de Orelha" mbut will be a great artist!
Today is Herbert birthday.
Kisses folks!

Gary disse...

Champagne, caviar, foie gras with truffles, oysters, poached pears, and 40 year old sauterne is waiting for you.

Gary disse...

I am currently reading the hand written diaries of James Britton on line from the Smithsonian archives, a Connecticut painter who wrote about art in New York in 1918. He was friends with Bellows, Luks, Davies, Predergast, Twacktman, Henri, Bunce, Whistler, Hassam etal. He spent his days wandering around New York galleries talking with artists and writing review and his nights painting. He never had any money but had a very rich life.